COVID19 Safety Measures for In-class Activities

Accademia Nazionale di Medicina (AccMed) is committed to ensuring maximum safety for all parties involved in the implementation of its training and information activities.

In the context of the health emergency due to the new Coronavirus SARS-COV-2, AccMed complies with the safety regulations issued by the relevant institutions (Government, Ministry of Health, Regions) and with the general principles of minimizing risks for personal safety. The current legislation can be reached here: .

AccMed asks all participants in its residential activities to strictly comply with the following safety rules:
Do not enter conference spaces with body temperature above 37.5 °C
Keep the interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter
Frequently disinfect hands with the appropriate hydroalcoholic gels
Always wear a mask covering your nose and mouth

On the basis of D.L. 105 of 23/07/2021, with effect from 06/08/2021, a valid green pass is required to access conferences and congresses. Click here to read more about.

WARNING! If the validity of the Green Pass produced by the user cannot be verified, the user will not be able to attend the activity.

Please notice that it is strictly forbidden to enter conference spaces to anyone who has symptoms of Covid19, comes from pandemic risk areas, or has had contact with people who are positive for Covid19.

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