• Head & neck tumors

    The webinar will be focused on the therapeutic management of Head and Neck cancers, with particular regards to the current evidences and future development of particle therapy. . Particle therapy is currently one of the advanced techniques of radiation therapy, increasingly selected thanks to the advantageous physical and biological properties.. Due to the proximity of HNC target volumes to numerous critical structures and the radioresistance of several histologies, nowadays hadrontherapy represents a promising alternative to photon-based therapy. Head and Neck cancers treatment needs a multidisciplinary approach due to the complexity and rarity of the disease.
    In this setting, future perspectives will explore the possible combination of systemic therapies and Hadrontherapy, defining the role and timing of these new strategies within national and international collaboration.

  • Programme


     Meeting Introduction

    Ester Orlandi

    Current evidence of protons and future developments for H&N cancers

    Arnaud Beddok

    Proton therapy for nasopharyngeal carcinoma

    Melvin Chua Lee Kiang

    CNAO experience for H&N cancers

    Sara Ronchi, Barbara Vischioni

    Hadrontherapy for paranasal sinuses cancers

    Juliette Thariat

    Challenges in combining endoscopic surgery and particle therapy for paranasal sinuses cancers

    Marco Ferrari

    Combining hadrons and chemotherapy or immunotherapy for rare H&N cancers: state of the art and future challenges

    Laura Locati



    Take home messages

    Ester Orlandi


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    Contenuti tecnico-professionali (conoscenze e competenze) specifici di ciascuna professione, di ciascuna specializzazione e di ciascuna attività ultraspecialistica, ivi incluse le malattie rare e la medicina di genere

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