• Gastrointestinal cancers: changing paradigms in immuno-oncology - In-Class Course

    This 1-day program is intended to create an opportunity for HCPs to participate in a scientific exchange of ideas on issues significant to gastrointestinal cancers, in particular colorectal and gastroesophageal cancers.
    Key scientific leaders serving on the faculty panel will discuss a wide range of topics relating to gastrointestinal cancers.

  • How to participate the meeting

    Enrollment in the course can only be done through the online procedure, no new registrations will be accepted at the congress venue.

    For access to the conference spaces, AccMed recommends adhering to the following safety rules:

    • do not enter the conference spaces with a body temperature above 37.5

    • maintain interpersonal distance

    • wear the FFP2 mask covering the nose and mouth for the entire duration of the activity

    • frequently disinfect hands with special hydroalcoholic gels

    You can find further details on the conduct of the event and related security measures here: https://fad.accmed.org/sicurezza.

  • Programme


    Registration of participants and welcome coffee


    Chairs: Fortunato Ciardiello, Stefano Cascinu


    Fortunato Ciardiello, Stefano Cascinu

    The changing paradigm in immuno-oncology: the past vs future in the treatment of gastrointestinal cancers

    Scott Kopetz

    Changing dynamics in treatment of MSI-H cancers

    Fortunato Ciardiello

    Changing dynamics in treatment of Upper GI cancers

    Stefano Cascinu

    Panel discussion

    Fortunato Ciardiello, Stefano Cascinu

    Light Lunch


    Federica Morano, Chairs: Sara Lonardi, Federica Morano

    Treatment in early stages of Upper GI cancer: where are we?

    Ferdinando De Vita

    The role of biomarkers in GI cancers treatment

    Renato Franco

    Immunotherapy in GI cancers: open questions

    Scott Kopetz

    Integrating IO into clinical practice: management of toxicities

    Sara Lonardi

    Integrating IO into clinical practice: nutritional and supportive care

    Stefano Cascinu

    Interactive clinical cases

    Sara Lonardi, Federica Morano

    Concluding remarks

    Fortunato Ciardiello, Stefano Cascinu

    Meeting adjourn

  • Iscrizioni

    Questa attività è riservata a un numero limitato di partecipanti.

    La quota di partecipazione è gratuita.

    Per partecipare all’evento è necessario completare la procedura di iscrizione entro il 02/12/2022.

  • Training objective

    Contenuti tecnico-professionali (conoscenze e competenze) specifici di ciascuna professione, di ciascuna specializzazione e di ciascuna attività ultraspecialistica, ivi incluse le malattie rare e la medicina di genere

  • CME Instructions

    The credit certification for the webinar is subject to:

    - Professions/specializations should correspond to those which have been accredited for CME
    - attendance at the 90% of the event
    - the completion of the Meeting evaluation online form;
    - completion of the final test (at least 75% of correct answers). 1 attempt admitted.
    The test and the meeting evaluation form must be completed within 3 days from the end of the event.